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Friendly. Relatable. Engaging. Dynamic.

We specialize in creating captivating, short videos that can be used on social media platforms, websites, and advertising campaigns to better connect and grow your audience and business.

Our Services



Want something dramatic? Or casual? Or informative? Or inspiring? We can help you with customize your message.


That motion makes a difference in getting responses and engagement. We can add action to your words.


It's challenging to produce on brand, quality content regularly -- we can come up with the ideas or a plan with execution.

GraphicS & Communications

Need another member on your team? We can join in to help you get the products you need done quickly. We can create marketing materials, videos, content,  within a budget.

Specializing in video for businesses and organizations.

Our Work
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Fred Films is named after Fred, the dog who never met a stranger, made people notice him, and steadily won over any who thought they weren't interested. His energy and enthusiasm for connection inspired our business model.

We are a group of organized creatives and visual artists who appreciate clear messaging, quality work, and working toward something better together.


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Louisville KY and Indianapolis IN

Tel: 502-594-6331

Grant Oldham

Visual Storyteller
Award-Winning Short Film Editor
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Anita Oldham

Production Consultant
Long-Time Editor in Chief/Marketing Consultant
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Grant Oldham

Visual Storyteller
Award Winning Short Film Editor


Our team of creatives works with you to tell the story of your organization. 

We can approach your video production in documentary style or script style - whatever suits your needs best. You have an idea, let us show it off.


Anita Oldham

Production Consultant
Long-Time Editor in Chief/Marketing Consultant

Kayla Hammitt

Graphics Artist
Landscape Architect/ Award Winning Artist
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